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Our History


F. Bamford & Co. Ltd. began trading in 1903, when founder Fred Bamford designed a small marine engine to power his canal boat "Ajax". The engine proved to be a success and the business prospered, many of his clients wanted a complete package, so he undertook the manufacture of propellers.

The Company achieved many notable successes in this field, including the manufacture of the propellers fitted to "Miss England", which achieved the world’s water speed record at over 100mph.

In 1944 Fred Bamford died, and the Company was passed to his son. In 1947 Frank Smith, joined the Company as Assistant Managing Director and one year later, bought the Company from Fred Bamford Junior.

Frank suddenly died in 1984 and his son Andrew Smith took over as Chairman and Managing Director. With the decline of the British ship building industry a new product was required, and the Company designed a range of high strength, vandal resistant security doors and screens using the same attributes of high quality and in depth knowledge that had given it such a good reputation in the marine industry.

In 2001 Alexis Smith, Andrews' daughter joined the company to promote the sales department and developed the range of products and services even further. To provide a complete security solutions package, Alexis introduced door entry, access control and automatic operators into the product range, as well as other service concepts.

Although we have grown over the years, we still pride ourselves on maintaining high family standards for quality and service.

Ajax Works

Frederick Bamford Snr

Miss England 3